making of MOM N‘ DAD (No. 49 + 50)

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Here is the stave I’ve got from my friend Erwin (thank you, Erwin!) from Austria. It is a bit deflexed, 52” long, about 2” wide at the crown, has some avoidable knots and unfortunately one absolute not avoidable. I first thought about making a replica bow, but gave up that idea and went for aRead more

How to glue on feathers

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2 woodpecker feathers glued on with thinned tbIII. First  the feathers are applied on an adhesive (not too sticky) with the outside, then the bulky quill is cut off (bellyside) beginning from the bottom. The feather is now like a wet noodle, but still on the tape, now apply the glue and put it onRead more

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