Staining with Ironchloride

I always work on many bows simultaneously. Lately tried one and the same stain on different wood species. You see the colors are quite different belonging to the species. I suppose it has to do with the different tan acids in the bow and the different amount of acids.

Don’t ask for the recipe, I have mixed a big can of that stuff about 20 years ago. I have so much it will last into the next generation, haha.

Well here are some pics, always one in shadow followed by one in sunlight.

I have sorted the pics in that row they are leaning on the wall.

The species are (from left):

– cornelian cherry (cornus mas)

– mulberry (morus alba)

– norway maple (acer platanoides)

– wild plum (prunus ???)

– sloe (prunus spinosa)

– walnut (juglans regia)

– hazel (corylus)

– serviceberry (amelanchier)

– dogwood (cornus sanguinea), little cambium

– dogwood (cornus sanguinea), more cambium

– black locust (robinia pseudoaccacia)

– elderberry (sambucus niger)

– elm (ulmus glabra)

cornus mas

morus alba

acer platanoides

prunus ???? (it is a wild plum, don’t know the excact species)

prunus spinosa

juglans regia



cornus sanguinea

cornus sanguinea

robinia pseudoaccacia

sambucus niger

ulmus glabra

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