3curve – Stonehill Primitive Bows

wide limbed osage 3curve part 2 47#/28″ (No. 96)

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This stave was super clean, bright yeller and low density – so something like the opposite osage than bow No.95. But has some nice character, curves and whoop di doos. Some little heat correctings brought it in balance and in line. Black buffalo horn for the tip overlays and dyed salmon leather for the handleRead more

wide limbed osage 3curve part 1 42#/28″ (No. 95)

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This bow is made from an exceptional fat and thin ringed osage. The early wood is here not crispy than usual, but as hard and fat like the late wood. It was a fun to work with that wood, my scraper went through like on butter without creating any humps and bumps on the wood.WhatRead more