5curve – Stonehill Primitive Bows

Osage 5curve with pronounced curves 52 #/28” (No. 99)

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Nice clean stave, but had some drying cracks on the belly. I filled them with thin super glue – no problems. All curves are steamed in. In this case a bit more pronounced than on the two bows before. Fades got tapering out ridges. Black goat leather and linen for the handle, black buffalo hornRead more

Osage 5curve with ironwood handle 51#/28″ (No. 98)

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The stave was knot free, no natural curves no humps no bumps. I thought it is a good idea to add a bit: ironwood handle (don’t no the exact species – but is of course not HHB), ridge on the belly (runs out 4” before tip). Buffalo horn for tip overlays and black calf leatherRead more

Osage 5curve with a concave back 49#/28” (No. 97)

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This bow is made out of a unique stave. The back is along almost the entire length homogenous concave. This is enormous mass saving, but tillering is a bit more complicated. The belly ridge comes out of the fades and ends with the tips. Cross section is more or less a 5edge with a concaveRead more