BL – Stonehill Primitive Bows

wide limbed BL from a board (No. 90)

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Some time ago a guy was here searching in my pile for BL staves. He came across a thick board, looked at it and sourced out. I was watching him and asked why he did that and got the answer it is a board and not a stave, so he let it here. In hisRead more

BL recurve 45/28 (No.88)

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The billets for this bow came from a very old black locust trunk, seasoned + 75 years. The color of that wood is just beautiful like honey, not that more or less olive brown I usually have here. The grain shows up nicely. On the lower limb are two cluster knots, one of them securedRead more

Black Locust, Mohegan (No. 60) and Algonkin (No.61)

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I’ve got a nice BL stave from my good friend Marc to make him a short recurve. The stave is about 1½” thick and 1¼” wide, clean free of knots and with a nice relative even reflex. Some sap layers are on and has a really nice color. Length is 66”. As Marc is nowRead more