cornus mas – Stonehill Primitive Bows

Cornus mas flat, 55#/28″ (No. 46)

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This is another cornus mas bow, in this case a flat with stiff outer limbs. I have several staves from that wood and will try to find out the best matching design. The wood is extreme dense and heavy. The back has some character with humps and bumps, the remaining cambium sparks add a bitRead more

Cornus mas shorty, 51#/24″ (No. 45)

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I’ve got some cornus mas staves and try to find the best design for that heavy dense wood. Here is a try at a plains style, short  (48“ ntn) and flat with a little flipped tips. It came out as a very snappy little bow, the full draw pic is not the limit, I shootRead more