elm flat 65#/28″ (No. 16)

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66,5″ ntn mass: 503grams stiff handle 4″ fade 7″ each w/d at handle: 22/45 at fadeout: 41/17   (7″ from handle) at midlimb: 38/15 at tip: 12/15 gentle heat treated, took about 1,5 “ set, swamp oak overlays, three colour dyed back, string 6 strands 452 X strengthened at the ears with 2 x 2 strandsRead more

big elm flatbow 74#/28″ (No. 6)

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elm sapling bow, stave was about 5″ in diameter. It was harvested in late spring, so the back shows after debarking the early grain / fibres as a wonderful landscape like a field with a lot of humps and dumps. Yes, I know the early wood is not the best as back, but i couldRead more

Elderberry longbow 55#/28″ (No. 5)

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This bow is made for my friend Alpe. He was invited to an archery competion at the Haitabu museum area (see here: http://www.schloss-gottorf.de/haithabu ). So he needed an adequate real bow, not the glassbows he was used to use … I had no yew at that moment, the right wood for viking bows, so IRead more

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