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Euonymus minimal stick 35/28 (No.87)

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From time to time I really enjoy working on simple stick bows, with a round diameter at handle and tapering somehow to the tips. Here is one of those quick made sticks, an Euonymus europaeus branch harvested in my garden just a months or so ago. You can see the origin diameter of the branchRead more

Golden Chain Tree, take down, 33#/28″ (No. 33)

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This bow is 59” ntn, HLD (hollow limb design). Take down with homemade sleeves, one tip is wrapped, one filed selfnock. String is 6 strands 452X, thickened at the ears with B50. A buildalong is in the ‚how to‘ section, here! Asymmetrical bow, the two parts of the take down have the same length.  Read more

juniper west coast style bow, HLD (No. 7)

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Some time ago i got an interesting piece of juniper (probably juniperus virginiana = eastern red ceder) with a lot of little picks on the back and an silvery shining surface (after debarking of course). The piece was not very long, so i decided to try a west coast style. The bow  is incredibly light,Read more