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buildalong from bow (No. 91) „Tree Toes“

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I think a wide limbed osage is possible, if it is short enough. Two things have to be saved, the mass and the length of the lever. Saving mass can be achieved by narrowing the outers and short leverage of course by short limbs. So let’s see … I had a nice clean and moreRead more

Osage ‚THREE TOES‘, 57#/28” (No. 91)

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I have made in the last time same short, wide limbed osage bows and I must say I like them a lot. It was a nice and clean stave, thick enough to get also a belly split – here is the back split. Some adjustments were necessary also some reflex was induced. Fade is 6”Read more

Osage plains bow 54#/25″ (Nr. 3)

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This is a osage plains bow with sinew backing and snake skin, it’s a mild 5 curve. The set is made as a gift for my friend Karl. It is several times heat corrected (twist and deflex and string alignment); tips are steamed slightly back; backset by dry heat; sinewed in two layers. The setRead more