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buildalong of a HLD bow (No. 33)

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In this thread you can see several things how I do it: a buildalong of a hollow limb design bow how to make a take down sleeve and how to attach it how to make a integrated horn wedge to stiffen up the tips how to make a sinew/rawhide nock HLD = hollow limb designRead more

Golden Chain Tree, take down, 33#/28″ (No. 33)

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This bow is 59” ntn, HLD (hollow limb design). Take down with homemade sleeves, one tip is wrapped, one filed selfnock. String is 6 strands 452X, thickened at the ears with B50. A buildalong is in the ‚how to‘ section, here! Asymmetrical bow, the two parts of the take down have the same length.  Read more

golden chain tree take down 53#/28″ (No. 21)

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This bow is made of billets, which are split out of an 40″ and 3″ diameter sapling. You sure know, golden chain tree has a wonderful contrast of heart and sap wood. So I decided to leave at least on tips and fade area a natural grown overlay of sap on the bow. Unfortunately theRead more