Golden Chain Tree, take down, 33#/28″ (No. 33)

This bow is 59” ntn, HLD (hollow limb design).
Take down with homemade sleeves, one tip is wrapped, one filed selfnock.
String is 6 strands 452X, thickened at the ears with B50.
A buildalong is in the ‚how to‘ section, here!

Asymmetrical bow, the two parts of the take down have the same length.




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dear Simon,
this thread ist awesome, many thanks for sharing those build alongs, very interestingly for most of us newbies.
and now I also understand the sense of a hollow limb design 🙂 thanks again.

Thank you for your interest, I will do a detailed article about HLD. Hopefully it clearifies that thing a bit and of course I’m waiting for the experience and insights of you folks. In my own opinion HLD is big push foreward and there are many things to discover …

Dear Simon
i have virtually no bow building experience . i have attempted to make one bow this winter out of some very large bamboo i have access to . I made many many mistakes but i learned alot . I was trying to make a laminant bow out of the bamboo, but now that i have seen your articles about HLD bows i was wondering about that with this large bamboo. It would seem to me to be almost naturally have a HLD design. I was wondering what your thoughts on making a bow out of this large bamboo (some of this is 2 to 3 inches in diameter). Could the shape of the hollow bamboo be carved to make a HLD bow?
Thanks John Agostinelli . I loved your bows by the way!

Thanks for your kind words, John.
Bamboo + HLD: maybe possible with a thick walled species. Maybe vertically splits can be avoided with a rawhide or linnen backing on the bellyside.
Hope you don’t mind, I would suggest making first simple D-bows. HLD is the most complicated design I know.
If You like to use your boo, do a google search for ‚Buthanese bow‘, it’s a simple but efficient design. Good luck on your project!

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