Black locust lever bow 41#/28″ (No. 42)

This bow is made out of billets, which are seasoned over 60 years. When I got my hands on this wood it was a trunk about 40” long and 10” in diameter. It was standing in a dark cellar for all the years. When I touched it the bark fell off like powder – never seen that. This wood has the most beautiful color I’ve seen on Black Locust, the color is even inside the wood.

The bow is more or less a flat bow with very thin and stiffened (overlays) lever tips. The transition from limb to lever is done like the shape of the Eiffel tower. The bow measures 58½” ntn.

The overlays on handle and tips are bloodwood. The triangles on the back are painted with wood dye. Handle is hemp. I tried to get all colors matching string, painting, wood, overlays.

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