osage take down hunting bow for Christian S. (Nr. 75)

This is the finished bow from the buildalong here


This bow is thought to be a hunting bow, and in a take down version.
My thoughts about a bushbow are: not too long, dull finish with natural colors or camo, low stress design to allow leaving the bow braced the hunting session long – so no reflex or just a bit, a fast design – a static or a r/d, no fancy things – it should be a working horse.


58” ntn
45-50#/ 28” (not shot in, yet)
1¼” max width
510 grams mass wood + 190 grams sleeves, total 700 grams


Note: The fulldraw pic comes when the bow is sent to the recipient in the USA

No F/D pic, this is reserved for the new owner. In this case I dunno want to shot in this bow,  will also be reserved for Mr. X. So I will send out this bow as a virgin, I hope this is the right decision. We will see.

Here you can see the faded out coloring and the finished handle stain. The wood is fumed for about 5 days.

Some details from sleeves and handle. The arrow pass is black dyed stingray leather, the bone pearls are filed down a bit to get that look

This is how the leather looked like with the first groung yellow and finished with several stains:

Two matching loadstones are mounted at the connection cuts to achieve a gentle click when put together.


Some pics from the sister stave limbs

And some details from the tips. If you watch closely, you can see three rings are the kinda natural grown overlay. This allows cutting through the back and making the tips very slim. The notches ae highlighted in dark red, the only color on the wood.

Now I hold the fingers crossed and really hope I’ve nailed what my recipient likes ……


OK, Simon, as i watch this master-master-masterpiece (I can’t believe my eyes) there is no question in my mind: you are the best. The greatest bow-maker of the world. (Perhaps of the Sol-system)


Michael from Hungary

Oh my…
if you like to see master of bowbuilding go to the links listed on this site!
And there are hundreds of others all around the world.
But thank you!

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