elm longbow, 84#/28″ (No. 18)

The first one is heavy heat treated and came out with 84#/28″. She had 74# before heat treating – gained 10# or 14%. A dogleg and a twist were heat corrected. In the stave were two large and deep holes nearby (rotten powdery stuff). I situated them in the handle area, which made it necessary to leave the handle stiff. I worked out all the rotten wood and filled the holes with an alloy (don’t know the exact metals). It came out very nice IMO, so I decided to do the arrowpass/mark in the same manner – hollowed out the shape of a broadhead.
The rawhide backing is dyed with 4 different colours to get the used look.
The arrows are hickory sticks with heavy points, total 900grains, turkey fletching, linnen wrap.

71 ntn
640 grams bow and 70 grams metal



28/37 mm at Handle
34/26 mm fade
27/20 mm midlimb
11/16 mm tip


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