Golden chain tree gullwing stick 23#/24” (No. 123)

The stave for this little bow came half from the trunk and half from a branch (see sketch). I found the whole little tree in the bio chunk container and couldn’t resist to take that golden chain tree with me. All the corrections and curving was done with the heatgun. The deflex of the upper limb was natural, on the lower limb induced with the heatgun. The trunk part was the longer, so it became the upper limb. It is pronounced asymmetrical, upper limb is 4 inches longer.

A lot of heating sessions were needed to bring that little thing in balance.

To save some of the beautiful heartwood at the belly I went down 2 or 3 rings (don’t remember exactly).

Two different nock styles: on the upper with additional sap rings, on the lower a natural grown knot used for overlays.

dw/dl: 23#/24”

ntn: 54”

bh: 5½”

max. w. 1“

reflex: 2½”

mass: 230 gram


bendy handle, stiff outers

species: Laburnum anagyroides

08”: 03,6

10”: 06,5 (+2,9)

12”: 09,0 (+2,5)

14”: 11,2 (+2,2)

16”: 13,5 (+2,3)

18”: 15,7 (+2,2)

20”: 18,0 (+2,3)

22”: 20,3 (+2,3)

24”: 22,8 (+2,5)

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