ERC: “MOM N’ DAD” (NO. 49+50)

These are two sinewed ERC (Eatern red cedar) short bows with short recurves, tips and handle were sinew wrapped and some dark brown pigments were applied when glue still was wet. Both got a paint job with same pigments on the back in an opposing triangle pattern.
At least some muskrat fur strips on handle and tips.
Dad got the darker fur, mom the brighter.
Both are now exact 50” ntn.
Mom 2” wide, dad 1½”.
As it is in real life, mom is stronger part – about 40#, dad is about 32#. Both drawn to 27”.

You can see the making of MOM ‘N DAD here!



DAD, we didn’t capture the fulldraw with dad, sorry

Dad’s pride

Notice: Dad’s stick is drilled out on the belly side to about the middle thickness of the limb. That dead branches are very hard, much more than the surrounding wood. I wanted to avoid a pin hard like concrete on the compression side.

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