Osage sinewed static for Kare, 51#/28″ (No. 40)

This bow was a birthday present for my good friend Kare. Sinew backing is done in 2 layers. Levers are strengthened with  horn wedges, string bridges is leather (+ super glue).
The string bridges are lather soaked in thin super glue after applying. I make those bridges often on statics, reasons:
1. more security while bracing the bow
2. more security on non flat limbed bows, the string can’t slip off.
3. steeper angle of the lever, you get a bit of increase
4. an indexer: when everthing is alright you hear nothing when string lift off while drawing the bow. A gentle ‘click’ indicates the string is riding over the ridge – the levers are not in line.
Handle is 2 different hemp yarn.
This stave came to me in a bad condition. The rings are very thin (< 1mm), the back was violated, drying cracks were running through the complete limb thickness, the thing was badly twisted, some knots with dead wood were on it and I had very, very little wood to play with. This is why I decided to sinew back it. I had some trouble with this low quality sage, so as string alignment, levers alignment and lots of corrections. At least 20 heatings – a nightmare!
The bow is 52″ long ntn.

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