Holly flatty “holey holly” 34/28 (No. 109)

Some years ago I got some holly (ilex aquifolium) staves donated from my friend Andi (thanks bro!). One of those was split in halves, one half was a good one and made a nice bow. The other half was full of dead branches and I laid it in a corner and forgot about it. Over the years of seasoning the dead branches got loose and could pushed out easily, below and above the knots/holes deep cracks had developed going through the entire wood.

After examining this cool piece again, I couldn’t throw it into the fire wood. I scraped the bark away, leaving some cambium on. The back is an up and down humpy bumpy all the length, I followed bellyside as good as I could.

No steam, no heat, no stain is on wood.

The nine holes gave this stick its name “holey holly”.

ntn: 57”

bh: 6”


mass: 390 gram

w/d: 26/16 mm handle

44/14 mm max

12/10 mm tips

bendy handle

08”: 03,0

10”: 06,5 (+ 3,5)

12”: 09,2 (+ 2,7)

14”: 12,1 (+ 2,9)

16”: 14,7 (+ 2,6)

18”: 17,5 (+ 2,8)

20”: 20,6 (+ 3,1)

22”: 23,6 (+ 3,0)

24”: 26,6 (+ 3,0

26”: 30,0 (+ 3,4)

28”: 33,5 (+ 3,5)


Hello Simon! What a beautiful bow, quite unique! I hope everything is ok with you and your family! Regards from Portugal and a big hug

Wow Simon, glad to see you making bows again! I hope your health is getting better! This is an amazing piece of work!


Wow was für ein uriger und knotiger Bogen. Das ist ein richtiges Kunstwerk, mit den vielen Astlöchern und Wellen.
Bau selber Holzbögen als Hobby aber das ist eine andere Liga.

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