Coco-hazel, 41#/26″ (No. 53)

After some fancy things here is a quite normal bow. The stave is out of a bunch I usually use to give away to interested kids. This one was the home of some d…. bugs, some cuts with the drawknife and the bugs were in the firewood box. >:D >:D >:D
I had the stave in the vice and well, I couldn’t store it again in the rack.

This is a real quickie.
Only an arrowpass and tiny tip overlays were made out of some pieces of coconut, which was laying around. I was really surprised how nice the coconut looks when polished. The shell is a dark brown with some brighter sparkles in it, hope you can see that in the pics.

Being made out of two nuts, she got the name COCOHAZEL.

You can see the whole diameter at the handle depth, the belly is absolut flat.
The bow is 60” long ntn and pulls 41#/26”.
My wife liked it and now it is one of her bows. It is a nice shooter because of that really low mass.

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