juniper west coast style bow, HLD (No. 7)

Some time ago i got an interesting piece of juniper (probably juniperus virginiana = eastern red ceder) with a lot of little picks on the back and an silvery shining surface (after debarking of course). The piece was not very long, so i decided to try a west coast style. The bow  is incredibly light, with the sinewed tips only 276 grams. I made the bow 49″ ntn with hollow limbs. On the upper limb just under the tip was a big dead piece of wood (from a big branch)., I cut it of an glued in a new piece from the same stave.
The dark spots are holes from dead branches.
I have experimented with the concave limb design already on about 20 or so bows with very good results (saves a lot of mass).

the bow is drawn to about 23″ on the f/d pic
havent measured drawweight, but feels like 40-45#
the paddle is 2,5″ wide
the mass of this bow is nearly  nothing, the wind can blow her away ….
no backing, nocks are strengthened with sinew because the string would easily cut through the soft wood


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