Osage fumed flipped flattie (No.89)

Nice stick with some character and a hole in the upper limb. I used it to get some pheasant feathers on.

The stick was fumed with a chased ring as a bow blank,. After tillering I got that two tone appearance.

It was a bit thin for a good handle, I glued on a piece of wood and wrapped all with hemp. At least a black serving thread was laid into the hemp ridges and all soaked in thinned TB 3. Belonging to to the angle of view you get totally different colors.

The handle is working, but only a bit.

Tip overlays are whit/transparent cow horn, I like the contrast to the black back.

This is an extraordinary bow, shooting feels like having spring steel as limbs. I don’t know why. Maybe it is the combo of short design and super nice, very dense osage.

Forgot to say:

before fuming I have applicated several coats of ‘osage soup’, which caused an immediately aging process of the wood. The first pics from the building process show what happened to the yeller wood after the treatment with the soup. The yeller piece laying beside is cut off 30 min before, both came from the same stave. This is a quick method for aging osage. I will report in an extra thread.

More pics on my site if you like

l= 53” ntn

m= 435gram

netto reflex = 4”

08”: 12,5

10”: 17,9 (+ 5,4)

12”: 22,2 (+ 4,3)

14”: 25,7 (+ 3,5)

16”: 29,0 (+ 3,3)

18”: 32,2 (+ 3,2)

20”: 35,4 (+ 3,2)

22”: 39,2 (+ 3,8)

24”: 43,0 (+ 3,8)

26”: 46,9 (+ 3,9)

28”: 51,2 (+ 4,3)





Thanks Bill. This is a simple, but effective design. I made a few of this type, it allows a good draw length on a short bow.

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