Euonymus minimal stick 35/28 (No.87)

From time to time I really enjoy working on simple stick bows, with a round diameter at handle and tapering somehow to the tips. Here is one of those quick made sticks, an Euonymus europaeus branch harvested in my garden just a months or so ago.

You can see the origin diameter of the branch at the handle, its only ¾”, nearly nothing. The right place for the arrow is marked with a pigment ring, the nocks are made with a rawhide strip and sinew.

The stick was straight but took an inch set.

Euonymus is good bowwood, can be polished like bone, but is without much structure or grain contrast – looks a lot like bone.

Mass is 312 grams

61” ntn

The low poundage makes it just right a beginners bow and whenever it get blown, nothing is lost. A next is quick made.

10”: 6,5

12”: 10;1 (+ 3,6)

14”: 13,5 (+ 3,4)

16”: 16,7 (+ 3,2)

18”: 19,8 (+ 3,1)

20”: 22,9 (+ 3,1)

22”: 26,0 (+ 3,1)

24”: 29,0 (+ 3,0)

26”: 32,0 (+ 3,0)

28”: 35,0 (+ 3,0)




euyonimus-little-sapling-3-von-11 euyonimus-little-sapling-4-von-11 euyonimus-little-sapling-5-von-11



euyonimus-little-sapling-9-von-11 euyonimus-little-sapling-10-von-11


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