Osage fumed static for Christian N. (No. 84)

This stick is fumed for 6 days before tillering on the belly, so finally I’ve got a rich colored surface. It is a more flat limbed long faded design, I call it willow leaf (see front sight). In cross section it has a mild concave belly, but is no HLD in origin sense. I had little wood to play with, which caused horn underlays (with string groove) at the lever kink, a built up handle (piece of osage added) and of course I did run out of the desired 45 + and got only 40#. The upper limb has a nice wiggle and a hole and gives some character to that bow.

Arrow pass is sting ray, addy rings at the tips works as natural overlay.

Pulls 40#/28”, reflex is 4½”. Length is 62” ntn.

osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-1-von-20 osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-2-von-20




osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-6-von-20a wiggle seen from belly

osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-7-von-20same from back

osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-8-von-20working around a knot bellyside

osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-9-von-20working around a knot backside







osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-17-von-20 osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-18-von-20 osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-19-von-20 osage-static-for-rk-i-2016-20-von-20

back – belly – side – braced

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