Osage flat lever bow with big hole 35#/28″ (No. 147)

The wood is a nicely colored osage with dark streaks. She is naked, nothing than wood and a string – no grip leather, no overlays.

This bow has (nearly) stiff outers, beginning from the holes in the limbs – so I call her a lever bow.

I could manage the layout to get nearly the same distance from tips to holes in both limbs. The hole in the upper limb is quite big, the one in the lower is not going through the entire limb. A delamination (at one side) at the handle is glued back, the remaining crack is filled with runny super glue. Four additional rings on the back at handle area allows a smooth rounded grip. Two additional rings at the tips allow cutting through the back for string kerf and making the tips very narrow.

ntn: 60”

bh: 5½”

max. w.: 1⅜ “

reflexn: 1½”

mass: 479 gram


08”: 03,3

10”: 07,5 (+4,2)

12”: 11,0 (+3,5)

14”: 14,0 (+3,0)

16”: 16,9 (+2,9)

18”: 19,7 (+2,8)

20”: 22,6 (+2,9)

22”: 25,5 (+2,9)

24”: 28,5 (+3,0)

26”: 31,7 (+3,2)

28”: 35,0 (+3,3)


Tillering must have been a real challenge, especially with that huge hole at the outer third from the tip. Very nice.

Yes, this wasn’t a ‘standard’ stave.
The bend is concentrated below the holes, this made tillering a lot easier.

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