Euonymus sapling kids bow 39#/26” (No. 122)

This little sapling with only 1” diameter at handle came from my garden while clearing the hedge. It was cut last autumn. Two huge knots, one I could layout in the handle the other is lower midlimb. Some minor knots are on the upper limb. I let the knotted areas stiffer and accepted a shorter draw length of 26”.

The cross section is rounded, I hadn’t enough wood to go for any other design. This wood is more or less white and gets a yellowish touch with the time. The early wood is nearly invisible and the strtucture is very homogenous. It can be polished like bone, it is light, soft and very flexible.

The string is mounted with a knot on the lower tip, on the upper is a glue soaked hemp wrapping forming a shoulder for the string eye. No notch or such on this stick, just tapering out tips.

I’m always astound, how little wood is needed for a serious bow.

dw/dl: 39”/26”

ntn: 56½”

bh: 4½”

mass: 262 gram

w max: 1”


deflex sapling, round,


bendy handle

species: euonymus europaeus

08”: 06,0

10”: 09,3 (+ 3,3)

12”: 12,7 (+ 3,4)

14”: 15,9 (+ 3,2)

16”: 19,3 (+ 3,4)

18”: 22,8 (+ 3,5)

20”: 26,6 (+ 3,8)

22”: 30,5 (+ 3,9)

24”: 34,6 (+ 4,1)

26”: 38,8 (+ 4,2)

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