wide limbed osage 3curve part 1 42#/28″ (No. 95)

This bow is made from an exceptional fat and thin ringed osage. The early wood is here not crispy than usual, but as hard and fat like the late wood. It was a fun to work with that wood, my scraper went through like on butter without creating any humps and bumps on the wood.What I will say is, this stick has a continous homogene structure.

No problems on this stave, only some heat corrections brought the thing in balance and the string aligned.

I tried to let the outers a bit stiffer for long draw without stack.

The color looks already like old darkened osage, but it is fresh worked.

Tips are black buffolo, filed in facets.

Grip is brain tanned buck leather and muscrat fur (requested by the new owner)



ntn: 55″

bh: 5¼”

max. width: 1¾”

mass: 476 gram

bendy handle




08”: 08,2

10”: 12,2 (+ 4,0)

12”: 15,5 (+ 3,3)

14”: 18,5 (+ 3,0)

16”: 21,6 (+ 3,1)

18”: 24,5 (+ 2,9)

20”: 27,6 (+ 3,1)

22”: 31,1 (+ 3,5)

24”: 34,5 (+ 3,4)

26”: 38,1 (+ 3,6)

28”: 41,9 (+ 3,8)




Hello Simon.
I hope you’re doing well.
Just to let you know that I still enjoy tremendously shooting this bow. Thank you again for building it for me.

Hi Simon,

thanks bro, that is really nice compliment!
I’m happy you still like te bow.

I’m doing well and still work in my shop on many bows with several designs.
I hope I find the time to post some of them on the site …

All the best

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