Osage take down with antler tips for Andi S. 51#/28 (No. 152)

The billets for this bow came from different trees, the lower limb is built up as it wasn’t thick enough. A linen binding secure a maybe problematic portion at upper limb, on lower it is only for decoration and symmetry. The bow is asymmetric and reflex flipped with steam.

The take down sleeves are home made from scratch. The outer sleeve is upholstered for a more ergonomic fit, grip is calf leather with kangaroo lacing.

Arrow pass and tip overlays are deer antler. The swelling limb just before the overlay at lower limb came from a hole (not going through) on bellyside.

The mass of this bow is relative high due the steel take down sleeves.

The last two pics show a comparison with this bow (left) and the next bow, no. 153, (right).

dw/dl: 51#/28”

ntn: 60”

bh: 5½”

max. w.: 1½“

reflexn: 4”

mass: 732 gram


08”: 04,2

10”: 10,9 (+6,7)

12”: 16,4 (+5,5)

14”: 21,0 (+4,6)

16”: 25,3 (+4,3)

18”: 29,3 (+4,0)

20”: 33,3 (+4,0)

22”: 37,5 (+4,2)

24”: 41,9 (+4,4)

26”: 46,5 (+4,6)

28”: 51,2 (+4,7)

Well, the new owner (my friend Andi) likes the bow obviously. He sent me some pics to share ….

Btw. here is a link to his website: https://www.bogenschiessen-sauerland.de/

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