Osage take down character flipped flat for Alfred S. 36#/28 (No. 153)

This is an interesting bow, the billets came from one little stave. The stave was split radial, so the result was a mother and a daughter billet. See the pics where the limbs are laying together and you can imagine where their position were in the stave. As it was very little wood, I had to build up at fades and handle with scrap pieces of osage. But it was worth the effort as the billets have a nice amount of character in them. The flipped tips are steamed in and some minor heat corrections brought that bow in balance

The diamond shaped tip overlays are buffalo horn.

Handle leather is goat, three short cuts of lacing under the leather makes the ‘finger grooves’.

Mass is high (all incl.), because of steel take down sleeves.

dw/dl: 36#/28”

reflexn: 3⅝”

ntn: 63”

bh: 6”

max. w.: 1⅜ “

mass: 602 gram


10”: 06,6

12”: 10,7 (+4,1)

14”: 14,0 (+3,3)

16”: 17,2 (+3,2)

18”: 20,2 (+3,0)

20”: 23,0 (+2,8)

22”: 25,9 (+2,9)

24”: 29,0 (+3,1)

26”: 32,3 (+3,3)

28”: 36,0 (+3,7)

Here is a pic of the new owner in action:

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