Arrow pass buildalong (artifical stone)

Here I show how I do artifical stone inlays as arrow pass. We need epoxi, earth pigments – which is nothing else than stone powder, and some tools to cut the inlay.

In this case the arrow pass is to be made for a hazel bow, No. 30 (see here), which has a stained back (brown and green stain). I will try to get the arrow pass matching in colors.


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Here is the handle …

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The first thing is to strengthen the wood surface with a thinned solution of shellac as hazel is a very soft wood. Shellac dries out very quick and you can continue at once.

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Next is marking the handle position and the desired shape of the arrow pass. You see I do it a bit longer than the upper line of the handle. The handle leather or in this this case a cord wrapping covers the basic line of the arrow pass when finished.

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Now cut out the shape of the aroow pass about 2 mm deep.

arrow pass buildalong - 5 von 12

Now we can make the artificial stone, I use green and brown pigments which are stirred in two portions of epoxi.

arrow pass buildalong - 6 von 12 arrow pass buildalong - 7 von 12

The cut out arrow pass is filled with the green epoxi

arrow pass buildalong - 8 von 12

Next stir in some brown in fancy patterns you like.

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This is what I got, now wait for curing.

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There is a point of curing time when the epoxi gets stiff where you can easily cut of the excess.

arrow pass buildalong - 11 von 12

Well, you can see my work isn’t perfect. Some traces of the cutter blade are filled with epoxi. I will sand that area a bit deeper and hope I can get it out. Here is a pic without any finish, some coats of oil will bring out the colors more intensively.

arrow pass buildalong - 12 von 12

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