Osage static, 44#/30” for Karlheinz (No. 55)

This was a very narrow and thin stave from a wonderful colored dark osage. What you see is a fresh worked osage, it looks like already years old.
The stave was clean free of knots, but heavily twisted and has a curve in the outer upper limb. Curios are the extreme thin early wood parts of the rings, never had that before that extreme. Best ratio of early wood/late wood ever for me.
It was a nightmare to bring that thing in balance. I think I needed more than 10 heating sessions to get it done. It is 64” long with sharp fades, so the bending area is long and allows a very comfortable draw out to 30”(requested by the new owner).
Tips are water buffalo. String groove filed in the levers.
Handle area was too thin, a glued on piece of osage provided the wanted depth. First she got a dished handle (brown leather). But I changed it to a straight upholstered black leather grip. The guy in the f/d pic is my friend Karlheinz, the new owner. Sorry, the weather wasn’t fine when we took the f/d.

unbraced, braced and f/d pic with the formerly brown leather  handle

here the new black leather straight handle


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