Osage deflex/reflex57#/28” (No. 133)

This was a very clean stave, no knots or holes, but had a deflex (upper limb and a reflex (lower limb) right at the handle portion. I decided for an r/d bow and heated the lower limb from reflex into deflex. It was quite a way to travel, about 11” measured at tips. This caused the red color on lower fade and a drying crack in the handle, you can still see it. The outer curves were steamed in. Only little adjustments for string alignment.

She got tip overlays from a super nice brownish cow horn and a leather grip with a decorative lacing. The camo on the back is no skin, it is painted. I liked to have a pattern fade out at the tips. The dark color is ironchloride dye, the bright is the natural osage. It looks like much work, but it isn’t – took me no more than 20 minutes (+ drying time).

Maybe I make a little tutorial on one of the next painted bows.

My draw is about 28”, but this bow can be drawn to 30”, maybe more.

dw/dl: 57#/28”

ntn: 64½”

bh: 5”

max. w.: 1½“

reflexn: 1¼”

mass: 635 gram


stiff handle

species: maclura pomifera

08”: 09,5

10”: 16,3 (+6,8)

12”: 21,8 (+5,5)

14”: 26,3 (+4,5)

16”: 30,7 (+4,4)

18”: 35,0 (+4,3)

20”: 39,2 (+4,2)

22”: 43,5 (+4,3)

24”: 47,9 (+4,4)

26”: 52,3 (+4,4)

28”: 56,8 (+4,5)

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