osage centershot handle bow, 55#/28″ (No. 65)

This bow is made of a unique looking stave, at the handle it had been grown around a huge dead standing branch. The grain in this area also influenced the hump on the back.
An other smaller knot was coming out at handle, it was cut off and sanded down – no problem in this not bending handle. An additional ring was left standing on the back going from fade to fade, I thought it supports the unusual hump at the handle. So it is not only a center shot, but also a built forward handle. On belly side of handle was a drying check going nearly through the whole thickness, it was glued down with super glue without a problem.
The limbs come out of the handle with different angle, I could correct some amount, some not. The limbs were heavily twisted and took some time to heat most of that out, some didn’t want to come out. Therefore the tiller looks somewhat crazy, but feeling and shooting is very good – I leave it as it is.

Nothing is on the bow, except the string. It has wonderful looking grain and rings, and they did come out great after a fuming session (24h). So this bow has a color like one already a year old, I love this golden brown. Will take some more experiments with long time fuming with upcoming projects.

The bow is exact 60” ntn.

mass:474 grams
w/d: 12/12 mm tips
w/d: 31/13 mm midlimb
w/d: 39/15 mm fade (max. width)
w/d: 23/40 mm handle



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