Osage plains bows for two ladies (PART I) (No. 38)

This little bow comes from a belly split from a regular stave. It has lot of character, wavy and snaky and three holes from dead branches. I filled the holes with wild boar hair, on the belly side cut even with carefully worked out (concave) knot areas. The dark spots are the hairs cut even.
The lower tip has a triangular shaped nock, the upper is carved like a face and (instead of a horse hair tassel)  wild boar hairs glued into a slot. Nock shoulders are sinew (dyed with earth pigments)  wrapped, the upper in a shape reminding on a female body (at least me, haha).
Just two inches below the limb tapers wide because of a knot, reminding me on female hips.

42½” ntn
4½” brace
24” draw
30# weight

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