Osage hunting bow 80#/28″, (No. 12)

The stave was very clean, only two little knots with no problems. Recurves are steam bent, selfnocks no overlay, handle porc leather.
Cross section is rectangular and runs into triangular levers.  I personally like the willow leaf front profile (very long fades) and the eagle wing shape of the unbraced side profile.
This bow is a really hard and fast shooter.

length:                 58″
braceheight:        5,5″
drawlength:         28″
drawweight:        80#
mass (total):        595g
handle:                4″
fadeout:               4″
stiff part handle:  ca. 8″
stiff parts levers: 2″ each
w/d fades:           40/15mm
w/d midlimb:      38/12mm
w/d tip:               12/12mm

Arrows for this bow are made of bamboo shafts, nock horn inlay, grey goose feathers, trade points, sinew bindings.

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