Thuja longbow ‘Porcupine’ 36#/26″ (No. 130)

The local bio junk container from the local community is a never ending resource for staves. Always find the most curious things there. Someone has cut down his thuja hedge. I found a trunk with a lot of branches just on one half side (obvious exposed to the sunlight), the other side was clear (obvious the dark hedge side). Of course I was interested in the spiky side.

The wood was already dry, it is soft, flexible – a bit like juniper. But these little branches are unbelievable hard, just the opposite to the trunk.

The branches are cut away, but I left on the stumps. It looks just too cool. The pics shows it only in portions, in reality it looks like a porcupine.

As the wood is that soft, the tips got a coat from dyed raw hide for nocks.

No handle wrap, as here are also some stumps (position in between the fingers). Arrow pass is at a burnt in mark.

She took more set than I like, thuja isn’t a real bow wood.

Cross section is half circle, back is curved natural and belly is flat, in other words more or less the half of the sapling. No steam, no heat treatment, no heat correction.

dw/dl: 36#/26”

ntn: 65”

bh: 5¼ ”

max. w.: 1⅜ “

reflexn: -2”

mass: 444 gram


bendy handle

species: thuja occidentalis

08”: 05,3

10”: 09,0 (+3,7)

12”: 12,4 (+3,4)

14”: 15,7 (+3,3)

16”: 18,7 (+3,0)

18”: 21,7 (+3,0)

20”: 25,1 (+3,4)

22”: 28,6 (+3,5)

24”: 32,3 (+3,7)

26”: 36,1 (+3,8)

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