BL recurve 45/28 (No.88) – Stonehill Primitive Bows

BL recurve 45/28 (No.88)

The billets for this bow came from a very old black locust trunk, seasoned + 75 years. The color of that wood is just beautiful like honey, not that more or less olive brown I usually have here. The grain shows up nicely. On the lower limb are two cluster knots, one of them secured with a sinew patch (just in case, but no problem after shot in) and a long hole from a dead branch. This bow is symmetrical with both limbs same length, she is 64“ long. The tips are a bit unusual (for me), but I wanted to do something different, the wood is wenge. The splice is hidden under a wrap of hemp. The arrow pass is made out of artificial stone (earth pigments with epoxi).

Here is how the wrap can be done:

The wrap is made out of 4 natural hemp threads and one black, all 5 laid parallel. The trick to do that easily is: fold a piece of thick paper, make 5 holes into the fold with a needle and let the 5 threads run through.

More pics n my site if you like

l = 64”

m = 550 gram

netto reflex = 1½”

08”: 05,0

10”: 10,7 (+ 5,7)

12”: 15,3 (+ 4,6)

14”: 19,6 (+ 4,3)

16”: 23,6 (+ 4,0)

18”: 27,2 (+ 3,6)

20”: 30,6 (+ 3,4)

22”: 34,0 (+ 3,4)

24”: 37,4 (+ 3,4)

26”: 41,0 (+ 3,6)

28”: 44,8 (+ 3,8)




Ein sehr schöner bogen, steht dieser zum verkauf?

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