Carpinus betulus ‚DOGLEG‘ (No. 103)

ntn: 59½”

bh: 5”

mass: 506 gram

max. width: 1¾”


stiff handle:

species: carpinus betulus

08”: 06,0

10”: 11,2 (+5,2)

12”: 15,9 (+4,7)

14”: 20,2 (+4,3)

16”: 24,3 (+4,1)

18”: 28,4 (+4,1)

20”: 32,6 (+4,2)

22”: 36,6 (+4,0)

24”: 40,6 (+4,0)

26”: 45,0 (+4,4)

28”: 49,8 (+4,8)

Carpinus betulus, european hornbeam, or Hainbuche in German is one of the heaviest and densest woods here in Germany. This one was harvested years ago in summer and I remember it was not easy to remove the bark.

The back of the bow has a stunning texture of grooves and valleys. This stave had a very unusual cross section – an oval shaped about 1½” x 2½”. I used the flatter side, but had to accept another funny thing – the side profile had a pronounced dogleg. Btw. The complete short diameter of that stave is at handle (1½” depth), if you look close you can see the pith in one of the detail pics.

The bow got some stain, as the wood is otherwise boring white, a mild brown and some reddish at the handle area. Some remaining cambium also adds some color on the back.

Tips are pin nocks, which I thought is the right for that crude stick.

The handle is covered with hemp yarn.

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