Osage plains bow with fishskin handle (No. 104)

dw/dl: 41#/22

ntn: 44

bh: 4¼”

reflexn: 1½”

mass: 244 gram

max. width: 1⅛”

06”: 04,8

08”: 09,2 (+4,4)

10”: 13,2 (+4,0)

12”: 17,2 (+4,0)

14”: 21,4 (+4,2)

16”: 25,8 (+4,4)

18”: 30,5 (+4,7)

20”: 35,6 (+5,1)

22”: 41,0 (+5,4)

This bow is heat corrected for string alignment and untwisting (particularly). It got an additional set back handle, I started with 2” and now after shot it still holds 1¼”.

After roughing out the stave was fumed for three days (back was prepped with osage soup). A slight sanding after the fuming process brought out an appearance like bark.

The belly got an additional iron-chloride staining after the tillering, and the combo of stain fuming and sanding brought a more or less olive tone.

A knot hole from a dead little branch in the lower tip was used as an unique looking string fixing (string has an ear here too). The upper tip is a common triangular shaped pin nock.

The handle got a glued on fish skin from atlantic cod.

How to mount a string at a knot hole is here

How to make a fish skin handle is here



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