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juniper west coast style bow, HLD (No. 7)

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Some time ago i got an interesting piece of juniper (probably juniperus virginiana = eastern red ceder) with a lot of little picks on the back and an silvery shining surface (after debarking of course). The piece was not very long, so i decided to try a west coast style. The bow  is incredibly light,Read more

big elm flatbow 74#/28″ (No. 6)

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elm sapling bow, stave was about 5″ in diameter. It was harvested in late spring, so the back shows after debarking the early grain / fibres as a wonderful landscape like a field with a lot of humps and dumps. Yes, I know the early wood is not the best as back, but i couldRead more

Elderberry longbow 55#/28″ (No. 5)

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This bow is made for my friend Alpe. He was invited to an archery competion at the Haitabu museum area (see here: ). So he needed an adequate real bow, not the glassbows he was used to use … I had no yew at that moment, the right wood for viking bows, so IRead more

Osage plains bow 62#/24″ (Nr. 4)

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This bow is several times heat corrected and untwisted, tips are slightly steamed back, backset by dry heat. Three layers of sinew covered with diamond back snake skin. Horse hair tassel on the upper nock. Handle is brown buckskin, hemp binding, underlay leather is red dyed moose. Arrow point is the glass of an oliveRead more

Osage plains bow 54#/25″ (Nr. 3)

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This is a osage plains bow with sinew backing and snake skin, it’s a mild 5 curve. The set is made as a gift for my friend Karl. It is several times heat corrected (twist and deflex and string alignment); tips are steamed slightly back; backset by dry heat; sinewed in two layers. The setRead more

Osage static recurve 47#/28″ (Nr. 1)

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This osage has a big curve in the upper limb, coming from a dead branch. Cross section is nearly rectangle from fades to midlimb then tapers into a stacked belly until it reaches the stringbridge. The levers have an almost triangular cross section, or more like a T.  Inlays, overlays and arrowpass are buffalo horn.Read more

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