Holly flatty “holey holly” 34/28 (No. 109)

Some years ago I got some holly (ilex aquifolium) staves donated from my friend Andi (thanks bro!). One of those was split in halves, one half was a good one and made a nice bow. The other half was full of dead branches and I laid it in a corner and forgot about it. Over the years of seasoning the dead branches got loose and could pushed out easily, below and above the knots/holes deep cracks had developed going through the entire wood.

After examining this cool piece again, I couldn’t throw it into the fire wood. I scraped the bark away, leaving some cambium on. The back is an up and down humpy bumpy all the length, I followed bellyside as good as I could.

No steam, no heat, no stain is on wood.

The nine holes gave this stick its name “holey holly”.

ntn: 57”

bh: 6”


mass: 390 gram

w/d: 26/16 mm handle

44/14 mm max

12/10 mm tips

bendy handle

08”: 03,0

10”: 06,5 (+ 3,5)

12”: 09,2 (+ 2,7)

14”: 12,1 (+ 2,9)

16”: 14,7 (+ 2,6)

18”: 17,5 (+ 2,8)

20”: 20,6 (+ 3,1)

22”: 23,6 (+ 3,0)

24”: 26,6 (+ 3,0

26”: 30,0 (+ 3,4)

28”: 33,5 (+ 3,5)


João pedro

Hello Simon! What a beautiful bow, quite unique! I hope everything is ok with you and your family! Regards from Portugal and a big hug


Wow Simon, glad to see you making bows again! I hope your health is getting better! This is an amazing piece of work!


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