Osage plains bow 54#/25″ (Nr. 3)

This is a osage plains bow with sinew backing and snake skin, it’s a mild 5 curve. The set is made as a gift for my friend Karl.
It is several times heat corrected (twist and deflex and string alignment); tips are steamed slightly back; backset by dry heat; sinewed in two layers.

The set comes with 4 arrows,  3 arrows are dogwood shafts fletched with black headed gull, 1 is a privet shaft with guineafowl feathers.
All 4 shafts are tapered and grooved, groove filled with earth pigments plus hide glue, nocks are heavily tempered and reinforced with sinew wrapping as also the trade points.

Length: 46″
braceheight: 4,25″
drawlength: 25″
drawweight: 54#
mass: 320 g  (total)
w/d: 31/17 mm grip
24/13 mm midlimb
19/ 11 tips
sinew is roe and deer
snakeskin: diamondback

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