Osage static recurve 47#/28″ (Nr. 1)

This osage has a big curve in the upper limb, coming from a dead branch. Cross section is nearly rectangle from fades to midlimb then tapers into a stacked belly until it reaches the stringbridge. The levers have an almost triangular cross section, or more like a T.  Inlays, overlays and arrowpass are buffalo horn. The pistol handle was requested by the custumer – not my favorite design. Recurves are steamed in, several heat corrections for string alignment, heating out a deflexed area and to bring the levers in line. In this stave were several deep drying cracks, I filled them up with superglue.

59″ ntn
5³/4″ bh
4″ stiff handle
4″ stiff fades
4″ stiff levers
39″ bending part
string 6 strands of 452 X, strengthened at the ears

upper limb
handle back
handle side with horn arrow pass
seam at the belly side
very narrow tips
tip belly side with leather string bridges

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