bow/quiver/arrow set for my wife 40#/28″ (No. 27)

osage static recurve. Limbs have a lenticular cross section, widest part of the limbs are exactly midlimb.
No heat treating, but some heat corrections. Levers are 45° reinforced with inserted horn wedge, recurve kink reinforced with horn underlay (steamed), overlay also water buffalo horn, string bridge is leather reinforced with thin super glue.
Very narrow handle with “inlayed” goat leather. On the back two horn overlays to gain material for inlaying the leather.
Super smooth draw and fast shooter. This bow is absolute quiet, I assume the reason is the bow’s balance (see the pic ‘release’). Definitely one of my best bows so far.

length ntn:     61”
braceheight:    5,75“
drawlength:   28”
drawweight:   40 lbs
mass:      439 gram total
w/d handle:   21/35 mm
w/d fade:           24/16 mm (3” from handle)
w/d midlimb:   39/12 mm
w/d tip:      10/9 mm
stiff parts:           3,5” handle plus 2×3” fades, 2×4” levers
tips:              buffalo horn
handle:      black goat leather
arrow pass:   bone
arrow shelf:   leather
string:            6 strands of 452X, Flemish twist on both ends, strengthened at the ears with 2×2 pieces of  B50,
rabbit fur and sheep leather stiffened up with wood.

bamboo, buffalo horn insert in nocks, spliced feathers.


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