Boo Backed Osage, 66#/28″ (No. 48)

For some time this bow No. 11 was one of my favs. Unfortunately I hit a rock with the back of the upper limb while falling with the full equipment. A big dent was in the limb, after a while further shooting a rack begun to develop. I made her a sinew patch and a wrapping, this did hold up nicely for some months. One day I heard the “tick”, knowing what that means I laid the bow in the corner. Not sure what to do with that thing.
Recently I got some boo slats – as being one of my favs, it was worth a try.
I don’t expected that much, so I did really nit the cleanest job. All planning with handtools (very crude), glued up with TB 3.
Folks that thing came out great! Only little adjustments on tiller were necessary. But the drawweight was much too high (est. over 90#).
In my old days I prefer about 60 – 70#.
So I scraped it down to 66#. This is why the bow looks now pretty yeller.
This is my very first BBO, and I must say that the cast of this bow is killer. Never thought that the boo backing is adding that much power. One of my fastest bows for sure.
I gave her a new handle, and filed down the tips to save a bit of mass.
The slat ends are wrapped with linnen for security. The slat ends before the kink of the lever.
Now I regret that I have worked so crude (see the glue lines).

Here are some pics, some are a bit blurry – sorry for that.

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