Flipped lever osage bow, 54#/28″ (No.67)

This my first attempt on a kinda flipped molly, or better kinked lever bow. Total length is 64” ntn, assymetrical, nock to lever kink is 12”, working parts of limb is 14” (upper) and 13” (lower), stiff handle section about 13”.
It was a very clean stave – only a few pin knots, but atwist of 40° side bend of 6”, a natural deflex on one fade (the other deflex is heated in). One hole in upper limb is filled with tinn  as only decoration on that bow.
An additional growth ring at handle allows rounding the back and at the tips cutting in the string grooves in the back. Therefore it was possible to thin out the tips to 5 mm.
On the upper lever kink is a wiggle where I had a lot to struggle around but got it done.
The levers were flipped in a short bend to get an initial reflex of 2”, now holds 1½” nicely and I’m very pleased with that. The levers have no pronounced shoulders, I just let them a bit thicker to save as much mass as possible. When braced the string just lifts off the lever.
Believe me, to draw this bow is so nice and an ease, there is probably much more drawlength in it, but tillered it out to mine 28”. The weight there is 54#.


Yes, in this case it is tin. As you can see the tin plug is only on the back side and not on belly side (tension/pressure side), it has no effect to the bending of the bow.

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