Yew static, 64#/28″ (No. 63)

This is a very low dense yew, only 6 or 7 rings per inch, grown in my homeland (elevation 365m). Not good for ELBs, so I decided to go for a flattie with statics. The stave was deflex above handle, so I heated in the same amount on the lower fade. On the back are two additional rings of sap going from fade to fade, just as a looker. The recurves are steamed in and a piece of horn on the belly secures the very soft wood from string cutting in. The tips are made also from a thin piece of horn and an accent of osage. There are some nice kinks and waves in the stave. The handle is upholstered at one side to fit the palm perfectly. I’m always trying to do different stitchings on my leatherwork. Shelf and arrow pass is made of stingray leather.
Still needs some coats of finish and some work with steel whool.

The bow is 65”, 1½” wide at max., at handle only ⅝”, mass is 535 grams.


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