Cornus mas flat, 55#/28″ (No. 46)

This is another cornus mas bow, in this case a flat with stiff outer limbs.
I have several staves from that wood and will try to find out the best matching design. The wood is extreme dense and heavy.
The back has some character with humps and bumps, the remaining cambium sparks add a bit color on that white wood.
The stave was thin, so I decided to try a leather overlay (two layers) on the back. This wood is so nice to work with – I could’t resist doing some carvings on the handle.
Limbs are flat, on the inner halves with a shallow HLD.
This bow is a good average shooter, but I feel the limbs are too heavy for excellent performance. Imo this is not the best design for this wood.
This bow is one of the few bows which took little or no set – it’s under ½”, the reason is the super dense wood for sure.

she is 60½” ntn



Very nice, I wonder if you can sell me a stave. I wanted to make a bow from this wood for a long time.
Cornus mas and bow are the same word in my language(georgian) i live in USA (Denver) and we don’t have it here. I can trade you nice Osage stave if you want

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