Golden chain tree character flat bow 40#/26″ (No. 125)

The draw length of this bow is limited to 26”, as the stave was a crooked thing about 62½” and about 2½” thick. Only one side (half) of the stave was useable. You can see the pith in the fade area. It was also twisted like hell. Last but not least it has a changing crown which caused the also changing hollowed out limbs. I will not call that thing a real HLD bow as the limbs are thick and doesn’t flatten out, so let’s name it a semi HLD.

I could heat correct most of the problem zones, several sessions were necessary. Much work, but that GCT wood is just too beautiful …

Good thing was the sap was mostly intact, so I worked down to the second sap ring (for a nice contrast to heartwood) and let also some portions for natural grown “overlays” at handle and nocks. Arrow mark is a brass cylinder.

I have some older GCT bows, the heartwood darkens up to a chocolate color. I’m curious how this bow will show up in some months.

dw/dl: 40#/26”

ntn: 61”

bh: 5”

max. w.: 1⅜“

reflexn: -½”

mass: 456 gram


stiff handle

species: laburnum

08”: 04,8

10”: 09,4 (+4,6)

12”: 13,5 (+4,1)

14”: 17,2 (+3,7)

16”: 20,6 (+3,4)

18”: 24,0 (+3,4)

20”: 27,5 (+3,5)

22”: 31,3 (+3,8)

24”: 35,5 (+4,2)

26”: 39,8 (+4,3)

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