Dogwood “Canoe” HLD, 42#/24” (No. 126)

The HLD cross section limbs are tapering into rectangular cross section at tips and slightly dished at the handle. This bow is incredible light and springy, by my feel a very good performer. It took no set at all.

Nearly no side taper, only at the last three inches at tips. It is slightly narrowed at the handle and the HLD tapers nearly out to get a comfortable grip, but it is a bendy handle.

The stave was harvested in April 2014, so I could get off the bark relative easy. Now it shows a nice texture (back is the first ring under the bark).

If you look close you can see the first two or three rings are more grayish. This stave was one of my testers for fuming experiments. It was in the fuming pipe as complete log, not split. You see dogwood has only little tanning acids and does not change the color much, but the nearly white back has turned into a pale olive/beige. Interesting is, there is a sharp borderline from the fuming – more days of fuming and the line would be deeper.

No heat or steam was used, the stave was more or less straight. Only on upper tip was/is a sideway bend – I tried to compensate with the single notch. Double notch on the lower limb.

Two big knots could be layout into handle sides, another one midlimb on one side of lower limb was unavoidable. I left it stiff and worked this area down at least of the tillering process.

The string keeper is a soft little strip of brain tanned leather, woven into the upper end. Handle is also brain tanned leather strip, twisted on belly side to get more material there for a comfortable grip.

ntn: 51”

bh: 5½”

max w: 1½”

handle w/d 1¼“ / ½”

mass: 278 grams


bendy handle

max. depth of furrow is 7 mm, the wood is 8 mm thick there;

this makes a complete depth of the bow 15 mm;

08”: 05,2

10”: 09,5 (+ 4,3)

12”: 13,5 (+ 4,0)

14”: 17,5 (+ 4,0)

16”: 21,6 (+ 4,1)

18”: 26,0 (+ 4,4)

20”: 30,6 (+ 4,6)

22”: 35,9 (+ 5,3)

24”: 41,7 (+ 5,8)

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