Eastern red cedar longbow 36#/28″ (No. 28)

This is the first of two bows coming from one stave (see here: http://www.primitivearcher.com/smf/index.php/topic,40092.0.html ). This is the main split from the backside of the stave. Chris (blackhawk) and Josh (Gun Doc) gave me the advice to back that wood (it’s only heartwood, no sap) and I did so.
In this case it is backed with fabric and because I didn’t liked the look, I added a thin rawhide too. ERC has a deep red color, so I went for a contrast in the tips (dyed maple), arrow pass (stone composit), and handle wrap (hemp) which all are green colored. Made a matching string too. Think it fits for a Lady or youngster.
72″ long
6″ brace height

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